How to deal with Employees that watch Porn at work?

Hard to believe that we have come to a day an age where people are watching pornography while at work. However, that is exactly what is happening these days as more individuals are tempted to look at smut online. The causes behind this are several since there is so much to consider. First off, the web is inundated with adult sites. Finding sexually graphic images and videos is almost effortless. Adult sites such as TNAFlix are renowned for providing endless porn for their visitors. As people are becoming more liberal in their views of pornography as a whole, viewing it has become less taboo.

Add the proliferation of smartphones and you have a recipe for disaster. At least when it pertains to business owners. The last thing any of them want is to have their employees watch porno while they are supposed to be working. When you think about it, companies stand to lose money on several fronts. For one, any person watching porn instead of doing his or her job is likely to bring production down. If that wasn’t enough, businesses also have the #MeToo movement to worry about. There have been many cases where an employee or several of them have been looking at adult content while at work. But they also shared that content with others. Worse yet, they may have shown it to their female co-workers.

Most women who are put in this position can often end up feeling uncomfortable. Coincidentally, they may be able to sue their employer for sexual harassment. They can also argue that their working environment has been made hostile or inappropriate based on this. Take Spankwire —  an adult site that delivers visitors free porn videos — for example. The site claims to have millions of visitors daily and some of them are visiting the site while they are at work. Social media is full of MEMEs and porn GIFS that come from this and other adult sites. The graphic and NSFW content often end up being shared by these people with others. That presents a huge problem for employees; legally, ethically and morally.

To make matters worse, there are the potential risk of viruses and malware. This is a serious problem for any company IT Department. The vast majority of malware and virus originate from pornography websites. Clearly there are far too many negatives and hardly any positives for a business in having to deal with employees who watch porn at work. Still, with so many adult sites being visited by individuals from their workplace, what can they do? How can one deal with employees who view smut during company hours?

The first thing you want to do is provide all employees with a clear and precise policy on this issue. Make sure it covers internet policy. In particular, what is acceptable and what is not. You also want them to know that you have a right to monitor their online activities while at work; including emails. Have the IT Department provide regular checks on each computer and add filters. That will bring to light any violations and flag these problems. Implement zero tolerance for any violation of these rules.

Keep in mind that some violators have found a way around this. They access adult sites using their smartphones to avoid using a company computer. In cases such as those, a higher degree of policing from the employer and IT department may be required.