Creative meeting room names 

Creative meeting room names 

When you are a small business, it is hard to make a big impression when you show your potential clients a presentation in a one person office space or a garage. As your business kicks off, it iscrucial to maintain an image of success and confidence. While the stories of starting a business from a garage are great, theydo not inspire confidence in investors. It is vital to make a good impression on your first meet.

One of the easier ways to do that is to rent a nice meeting room in one of London’s well-recognized business districts. If your business deals with banks and money, have your meeting in the City of London, the heart of the Money. In case you are into fashion, Shoreditch at East London is the place to be. Even if you do all your business out of a rugged old building near Shoreditch, rent a nicer meeting space around this area.It would get you a few brownie points with the big guys.

Let us help you find a few nice meeting rooms in London to get started

  1. The Rococo Room at the London Art House

The Rococo Room at the London Art House conveys a sense of warmth and luxury. Gold leaves, together with shades of terracotta give it an exquisite look and makes for a sublime presence. Depending on the seating choice, it can fit from 30 to 150 people at a time and has all the essential AV equipment covered.The Rococo Room also has two comfortable sitting areas.You can also hire the Tadmea Terrace as it would make a perfect place to setup registrations, reception, lunches,and refreshments.

Apart from The Rococo Room, London Art House has a dedicated conference room, lounges,and an art studio. The venue is a 10 minutes’ walk from the Angel Tube Station (Northern Line) and a15-minute walk from the Highbury and Islington Tube Station (Victoria Line). It can also be reached from the Essex Road station(British Rail), which is only 5 minutes away.

  1. No Such Place

Located in Covent Garden, No Such Place is a quirky little nugget best suited to hold creative meetings. It has Hi-Speed internet and a full suite of AV equipment needed to conduct meetings. It also has an excellent bar service area sothat you canrelax with a quiet drink after awholeday of meetings.

No Such Placeis centrally located and is only 300 meters away from the Covent Garden station.

  1. The Store Street Room at One Alfred Place

One Alfred Place is a stylish co-working space that provides relief from the mahogany and silks of the traditional high-class conference facilities in London. Store Street Room is a large lounge with colourful soft furnishing that makes any meeting a tad brighter and fashionable. It can be usedfor theatre-style presentations, product launches, or for brainstorming activities. The seating arrangement is flexible and comfortable. Apart from the Store Street Room, One Alfred Place also has smaller boardrooms and conference rooms. It also has a first-classBar and Restaurant that can serve members and clients.

One Alfred Placeis located at the edge of Bloomsbury and is well connected to the Tottenham Court Road.Goodge Street Tube Station is a one minute walk from the venue,andWarren Street is about nine minutes away. Euston Railway Station (mainline) is 11 minutes away from thislocation.

  1. Kuryakin

Named after Illya Kuryakin the charming Russian agent in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Kuryakin Meeting room at the South Place Hotel, is an exciting choice to hold a roundtable conference. The room is also called ‘The Red Room’ as it is filled with scarlet coloured paint and decors. It even features a round lacquered table in red to go with the decor. The South Place also has five other dining/meeting rooms fitted with the latest AV equipment.

The South Place is located between Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations, providing you easy access to most of London.

Finding a meeting room to rent at the last minute could be a stressful situation. It is best to visit one or two on your potential meeting room in your list before committing to a place. Once you host a couple of meetings at different locations, it will be easy to figure out which one works best for your company. So prepare a list of potential meeting rooms for rent that areeasily accessible from your regular office. Having a list handy will give you a breather if you need to set up something quick.

Caution: Most meeting places are available seven days a week. However,some of them may be booked for another event during the weekends. So if you plan to have a program over the weekend, it is best to book in advance. Weekend booking istypicallymore expensive than a weekday event. Yourbest bet would be to have one or two affordable places for regular meetings and keep another one for special occasions. This way you can have a tighter control over your budget and give yourself enough time to finish the arrangements.

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