How do you conduct a board meeting?

How do you conduct a board meeting?

Board meetings are conducted regularly to brief members of the board on development as well as strategize towards ensuring the organization continues to thrive. When you want to conduct board meetings, it is important to set up a planning committee who will be responsible for the conduct of the board meeting. If you are a member or the leader of a planning committee, here are steps to follow to conduct a board meeting.

Get a venue

The first thing the planning committee will have to accomplish is to get a venue. The venue will be based on the number of people coming and the fact that it meets every other condition that will make it conducive for the board meeting. The board room should be spacious enough; there should be adequate chairs and table as well as very neatamong others. Once you have gotten the right venue, then you can go on with other parts of planning for the meeting. You should be able to ask for the equipment you need and ensure they are available or can be provided before the time for the meeting.

Send invitations

You can now start sending invitations to board members after the venue is secured. The invitations should include the theme of the meeting if available, the time for the meeting, venue for the meeting and other required information. If they are expected to come earlier, especially those coming from other cities, the date they are to arrive and depart should be stated on the invitation card, so that they can prepare accordingly.

Ensure the venue is equipped

As the day to the meeting gets closer, go back to ensure that the equipment you have requested is available. Also test them to be sure that they are working properly to avoid disappointment on the day of the meeting.

Arrange for services and items required

A number of services might be required for the meeting. You might require catering services as well as ushers during the period of the meeting. Make sure you have reliable individuals or companies to help with the services. You might also require some items such as table water, biros, notepads and paper. Ensure that the meeting room owner is providing them and when they are not, you should arrange for them and make sure they are available.

Ensure the room is open on time on the day for the meeting

On the day of the meeting, a representative from the planning committee must be at the meeting venue at least 2 hours earlier to be sure everything is in order and to request for the meeting venue to be open. Chances are that by 30 minutes to the meeting, the board members should start arriving. They should be able to access the venue when they arrive.

Make sure the agenda of the meeting is followed

The planning committee should have created an agenda for the meeting. A typical agenda will include Chairman’s opening remarks, minutes of last meeting reading, matters arising from the minutes, agenda for the day based on the theme of the meeting, any other business, vote of thanks and closing remarks. Make sure the agenda is strictly followed and according to the timeframe, so that the meeting ends on time.

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