How to deal with your horrible boss – professionally

How to deal with your horrible boss – professionally

At one time or another, we’ve all had bosses we couldn’t stand, and we’ve dealt with them in different ways. We have doing everything the boss says so he’ll be happy at one end of the extreme and quitting your job amidst a grand scandal in front of the whole office at the other. Most scenarios are in between.

You’d be pleased to know there are professional approaches to dealing with any such situation. First, try to narrow it down as to why he or she is so horrible. If they are too demanding and never seem to be satisfied with your performance, try speaking with them to understand what exactly their requirements are. In some cases, a boss isn’t clear what they are either. It’s especially important to clarify expectations regarding complicated tasks in advance so as to avoid pointless arguments and, ultimately, unnecessary expenses in the long run.

If you’re able to clarify requirements, we can move on to the actual performance. In many cases, issues between bosses and employees arise because the former feel more work needs to be done and the latter feel more money needs to be paid. So try to meet in the middle. You might be surprised at how reasonable and understanding – yes, understanding – your boss can be. If you stay silent, the resentment builds up, and there’s going to be a big scandal sooner or later (or another equally destructive and devastating outcome).

Other times, a talk about changing requirements and expectations will have the exact same result you anticipate – being the horrid little jerk he is, the boss will totally ignore you, and nothing will change. If anything, he’ll just get meaner. There isn’t much you can do apart from look for a new job.

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