How to hire the right employee

How to hire the right employee

The right employee is critical to an organization, as they are expected to relate with clients and perform tasks on behalf of the organization. Most organizations often have the privilege of assessing a number of people whenever they need a new employee. Here are some things to look out for in a prospective employee before employing them.


The employee must be qualified for the role he is to be employed for. For this, he must have gotten formal education or where possible to be employed without formal education, adequate informal education on that role. For instance, if you need an accountant, you will have to hire an individual with a minimum of a degree in accountancy or related field. It will be counterproductive to employ a trained medical doctor or psychologist to work as an accountant in your firm.


It is important for your employees to be polite. This is especially if such employees are to act in a capacity that requires them to communicate directly with your clients and customers. Rude employees will quickly drive all of your customers away and then there will be nobody to sell your goods and services to. You should therefore, be sure they are patient, enduring as well as able to calmly and appropriately address customers, no matter how angry or rude the customer is.


Dishonest employees are a major reason why a lot of companies are closing down. There have been cases of employees who steal from the company, do not remit payments or try to close deals a customer requires from the organization without the knowledge of the organization. Employees who are dishonest can thus quickly ruin a company if they are employed and not discovered on time. Conducting a background check on prospective employees will go a long to know if they have been convicted for crime before and which type of crime.

Can communicate properly

The right employee should be able to communicate properly with other staffs as well as with customers. They should be very fluent in the major languages in the area where the organization is located. They should have no problem expressing their selves, so that people can easily understand the message they are trying to pass across and act accordingly. You can easily know if a prospective employee is a good communicator during the course of the interview. If he is able to properly and clearly answer all the questions asked during the interview, it would go a long way to show that he is a good communicator.


Employing an individual who is passionate about the role he is been employed for will be noticeable in the way he goes around his duties. People who love their jobs will not be forced to work compared to those who do not love their jobs. Where employees try as much as possible to avoid work, it is a major indicator that they are not passionate about the work.

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